Create annotation tag error

Hi I get this error when I’m using create annotation tag. Will this work for keynote placement as well? Is there a way to set the leader and length?

Hi Vanman

you are missing Document.Current node

Set True value of boolean before Pick Model Element

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I think like that as per you want.



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I will! going to try soon! thanks Robert :slight_smile:

In the end i want to use this to Keynote walls at there center location but testing it i cant even get it to work on a door. not sure whats going on. same error


show me your revit snip when you select element. and show your full graph of dynamo.

is this what your after?


Put List.Create node after Pick Model element.

you can use Pick Model Elements node then is not required List.Create node.

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boom! thanks so much man :slight_smile:

Is there a node that works for keynote tags? This dosnt seem to work for keynote tags