Could not construct input curve for Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel


I am trying to create this floor with Dynamo.
I have created a nurbscurve using the perimeter vertexes of the floor, but the construction of the face fails. I believe this must be due to non co-planar issues. What approach should I have to solve this?
Many thanks!

1-094-SA-PAL-EXPO_ATENOR-AQ-R00A_Cobertura14.dyn (70.9 KB)

Hi @RitaAguiar

You could solve this way:

And here is the result in Revit:

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Hi @Kulkul, can you share how you did it?
I’m having trouble with the shape. It is being pulled onto the XY plane and it becomes a plane slab.

Just Add this:

I noticed that you’re using old version of clockwork.Make sure you’re using clockwork 1.33.1 version:

Here is the DYN file For Rita.dyn (79.7 KB)
RVT File Here For Rita.rvt (1.5 MB)

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Thank you @Kulkul
I have updated Dynamo to 2.0.3 and installed clockwork 1.33.1.
However, I haven’t been able to reproduce the result you obtained.
I must be missing something (?)

1-094-SA-PAL-EXPO_ATENOR-AQ-R00A_Cobertura32.dyn (259.8 KB)

You should select a normal floor type. It does not work with foundation slabs.

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Thank you, that worked! @Deniz_Maral

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Is there a way I can obtain an actual floor with the curves?

Structural Foundations:

Ideally, I would like to obtain this shape of category Floors.