BeamByCurve Issues


I created a surface by lofting a series of arc’s. Now I want to create a BeamByCurve. with the intersecting geometry.

Everything works if the path of the beam does not intersect one of the arc’s creating the surface. But if the beam path intersects the arc then Dynamo throws me an error.

What can I do to resolve this issue?

thank you in advance!




Doesnt Work

Hi Hany,

Could you share the error message? It is possible that the generated curve’s shape is too extreme for a Revit beam. Sometimes Revit has difficulties creating non-planar beams.Some more info here:


I am able to generate a curved beam at a more extreme shape (not intersecting an arc). But as soon as I intersect an arc (less extreme), I get an error.

Error Message




I think you’ve found out one of Revit’s limitations as documented here by Konrad:

Are you getting any errors inside Revit as well?

You could try to smooth out the generated Nurbs curve a bit before transferring it to Revit:

2015-04-25_20-06-48 2015-04-25_20-18-34

<p style=“text-align: right;”>I am getting an error in revit (sometimes). My nurb curv is generated by intersecting geometry. How would I smooth it out?</p>
A workflow i think might work is creating a roof by the surface so it continuous (then the beam wont intersect) then selecting the face of the roof as the surface.

But this leads me to a question, how do I select a surface that is an imported geometry? I am unsuccessful doing this.

Here is the screencast of the beam behavior in revit.

I am also open to other suggestions.

thank you so much for you help on this. it is much appreciated.