Create Walls and Floors from Curves (or surfaces)


I’m trying to create walls and floors from dynamo to revit.

My first strategy was to create 3D Model (surfaces/solids) at dynamo, and than create a wall/floor from the faces of the model. - but i get null items instead of walls.
So i’ve tried doing it by “ByCurveAndLevels”, but the node doesn’t include base offset input (from the level) so it create the walls on Level (X) at base offset 0.00, (when I need it to start at 0.05 offset from the base) what am I missing here?

Secondly, about the floors, I’m using “FloorByOutlineTypeAndLevel” and it’s failing. I get message: Curve join produced more than one WIRE in PolyCurve.


Hey, i have the same problem, did you find a way around it or?