How to get angular dimension from wall slope?

If I have a wall slope, create by Wall by Face from massing. Now I want to get a dimension of wall angle in Dynamo. Please help me.

What have you tried thus far?

Not near the PC to show the nodes so here is an example workflow.

  1. Extract the wall surface perimeter curves and isolating the edge in question.
  2. Obtaining the vector direction of the curve.
  3. Get the plane vector in the xy-axis.
  4. Compare the two vectors to get the angle.
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Thank you for reply, I must to do for my thesis cuz in my energy legislation want to know angle of wall. Please show your method in Dynamo if you can.

Another method:

  • Select the face.
  • Get the surface via Element.Geometry (maybe redundant).
  • Get the plane at a parameter.
  • Get the plane at the desired level.
  • Get the angle between two planes.

The easy way: use a spot slope annotation in Revit

The Dynamo way: similar to previous answers.

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