Walls are slightly off axis and may cause inaccurances



There is any way to fix this Slightly off axis Error with Dynamo? I am working on a project where we received architectural GA’s in autocad format and the person who linked these dwg’s in the Revit model, used pick line tool to create the grids and ignored all the above errors. The dwg’ came with the annoiyng error that Revit doesn’t like and we got now all the grids “fucked” and obviously all the walls that are alligned with the grids, “fucked” as well just because the errors have been ignored.

Thank you.


I’d say you need to fix up the model in Revit- rather than suppressing the message or anything Dynamo can do.

In my experience, these errors tend to either snowball or cause ongoing headaches for the rest of the project. A small error is worse than a really big one, as it is less obvious.



I published an app to straighten out linear objects https://apps.autodesk.com/RVT/en/Detail/Index?id=4511810098334381625&appLang=en&os=Win64
I’m sure it could be done in Dynamo, but there is some logic to it to not make 0-length lines.


There’s the spring nodes package:

warranty not included, however :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Andrew, thanks for reply, the only issue is that the building is already modelled, and following my life principle, “Work Smart not Hard” , I wanted to make sure that the problem can be sorted in a smarter way, not alligning hundreds of walls manually.

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Thank you all for reply, I will give it a try Monday!



You are going to have to find a way to check which vector (X or Y) the walls are nearly parallel to, then make their Xs or their Ys equal.


Hi Dimitar,
I have just tried your script, but it doesn’t correct the lines of the walls. The watch node at the end of the script shows the walls selected - so that part has worked - but the output of the Element.Location node and the Line.StriaghtenXY node remains the same no matter the “margin” I set. I have tried this with a number of different walls that are off axis.
Any thoughts? Thanks!


I’m facing the same problem, but i don’t actually know which wall i should realign ?!
is there a way to highlight the walls that are slightly off axis?
and what is the best way to realign them ?
Thanks in advanced


In your revit warnings dialogue selecting each item in the list should highlight the element - maybe then giving option to find view if not already visible.
You can export your warnings (export…) then maybe get dynamo to search the file for element id’s and filter as neccessary.


That workflow works well. Once you have the elements selected in Dynamo you can push a string like “elements was off axis (date)” to A text based parameter, and use that value to apply a filter which highlights these elements based on the matching string. This makes it easy to review the results of the automated alignment process.