Copying Views and details

I can get the null to go away if I change the string name being searched for.

Unfortunately not all the views are showing as copied in the graph results (similar to kajmera) and unlike kajmera, none of the views are copied in actuality.

Very odd.

This works for me:

Packages used in this script:
Data-Shapes version: 2019.2.23
Genius Loci version: 2019.3.11 version: 2019.2.25

TimeStamp : 2019/5/27 14:12


I was encountering the same issue., but I found that my levels have to exactly match the name, case, spelling, and elevation of the levels in the linked model to work properly.


Would this have any issue with copying 3D views?

I was able to copy 3d views with no problems.


I ended up creating this as a revit api add-on and I can also confirm that the levels need to be present in order for the views to copy. In a normal workflow this is ok as an MEP consultant we copy/monitor levels into our model from the arch link, then we would use this utility for specific views when needed. Its a limitation of the API, but no biggy! Thanks everyone who worked on this!


Steve, when you created it as api add-on did you experience duplicate levels? Im running into a problem where all the sudden in revit 2020 it is duplicating my levels and views from the arch model

Hi scrowe - I am not able to replicate your issue, I just tested it in 2020 and it is working as expected and not making any duplicate levels.

Here is the api method Im using to copy over the view (Element):
var copy = ElementTransformUtils.CopyElements
(linkDoc, eIds, doc, tf1,null);

hi I’ve used the graph and it works fine except that it will only transfer section views but not floor plans, ceiling plans and elevation. Any workaround that might helps will be greatly appreciated.

Hi, for copy views between projects look at “Transfert Single” plug-in

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Do you think it will work with 3D views and Camera views?

I finally made it work. But in my case I have several linked files and the script only finds the views of a single file and not all
Any ideas?

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I tried to unlink some of the linked files and suddenly the missing views appeared. In total there were approximately 300 views but in the link from which I wanted to copy they were 100
Perhaps the node has a limit on the number of views it can handle.

@kajmera, try removing the space in the code block containing “v.Name”.

Hi diegus,
You can use this node and select the link that u want to copy from.
(In, just turn off the link files that u dont want to copy)

Hey Diegus,

I am having the same issues you are for copying floor plan views from a linked file. I have tried multiple times and different ways… Can you share how you got it to work?

Thank you,

Hi, I need help, please. Im struggling with this now and would really appreciate it
if you could share this graph with me.

That worked really well. Price is just $9.99, which is quite a bit different than I would charge for writing something similar in Dynamo.

Hi were can i find how to copy all tagging to another view. thank you for comments.

Anyone knows what version of Archi-lab the [Get Documents] node was deprecated?