Views from linked model

hello my dynamo friends,

im trying to get section views from a linked model to the current project. it has worked only its nog on the same location. can anybody help me? can i move a section view of just copy views on the same place.


Your question is not clear.

Are you trying to get views from linked model? or You want to copy views from linked model?

Im trying to copy views from linked model indeed. Thats working but the problem is that its not copying on the same place. Do u have any clue?

There are many posts related to this query. You can use forum search. Below is one of them:

Awesome… thank you.

hello kulkul

thank you again. as u can see in the picture, im trying to get the location of the views so that i can copy them. any clues?

I usually do something like this :

Be sure to copy the section view family type first if it isn’t already present in your document.

hi alban

thank you for your response. ive tryied your graph but as you can see theres no problem with copying but it puts it in the wrong location. is there a way to fix this?

Your curent document and your linked file do not share the same coordinate system.
There are actually quite a few topics for transforming coordinates from which you can draw inspiration. Once you have found the right vector, you can then use the Element.MoveByVector node to place the newly created sections in the right place.

If you aren’t successful, add to the topic your current document and your linked Revit file so we can help you more effectively.