Copying rooms from links stopped working

I used to copy rooms from linked models six months ago, but coming back to Dynamo again I found that none of the scripts to ever work they used to.
Copying rooms do not work even after I updated the packages. Rhythm and Spring collectors are not giving me the end result… what am I missing here?

What is the error message saying? Can you also post a screenshot with all previews visible?
Otherwise it’s not possible to understand what’s happening

Hi @lucamanzoni,

This what I am getting

I still have no clue why spring is giving me "link not loaded even though it is

The problem is that you have a nested input list, so you are trying to get item 12 at the highest level, but it doesn’t exist.

Possible solutions are using GetItemAtIndex, selecting the correct levels, adjust your Code Block or Flatten the input list.

That didn’t work for some reason, I even tried doing the [“A”…“Y”,“G”…“Z”]; thing out of curiosity, and it it didn’t even work on my V1.3.2
Dynamo has even stopped reading the link indices.

I will check later and get back… many thanks for your attention

The [“A”…“Y”,“G”…“Z”] is just an easy way to create a list, but if you are using Dynamo 1.3 the syntax is different and you have to use { } to create lists.

What do you get from your Code Blocks, the ones “link[ x ]”? Have you tried to replace them with GetItemAtIndex?

I haven’t done this in a while, so I was mixing up the Link instance number (from Revit) with Dynamo Index number since the Get Documents block asks for Link Instance:sweat_smile:

The “Link[ x ]” is pretty much is a little shorter way than GetItemAtIndex, I just can’t recall what it used to save me :thinking:

Anyway, it worked after assigning the correct index.

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes exactly, but if you have nested lists it gets a bit more complicated and you have to use the proper syntax.
As I showed you in the first post, you should write Link[0][12], if what you need is the 13th element of the 1st list. But of course it depends on what you need.

I’m glad you find a solution!

Yeah I think I still remember it from the old days before using levels was introduced, before that we used GetItemAtIndex with one or two list management blocks, but that was 2016 so it means ages in the Dynamo realm.

and again, many thanks!

Hi @lucamanzoni and @Amer.Mohammad ,

I am trying the same in Revit 2020 with Dynamo 2.1 version. I am getting the below errors.

Can you please help me with this?

Hello @manojj4B57X …does something here help…

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Thanks @sovitek. It helped and output shows rooms. But, I don’t see those rooms in the Revit. I am figuring this in the Revit model.

I tried different sets of nodes and its creating rooms and showing in the model but it’s not enclosing the full room

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Hi…something here works for me…give it a take…

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Hi. It did not work for the above script as well.

But, I tried this with a different Revit link and it worked. Also, the below set of nodes also copies the rooms properly.

I think there was an issue with the previous Revit link.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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