Copy/Paste Rooms from Linked model

I’ve found this topic on Copying Rooms from a Linked mode

However, not sure what scheme to use to Paste them back into the main model.
I’m trying to bring an old model into our current Template.
Link & Bind refuses to work (error message "Unable to Bind Link - thanks, that’s helpful)
So I’m trying to copy all model elements from the Link into a blank model.
Which works for most things - except Rooms.
As above, I can copy the Rooms from the Linked model, but how do I Paste them back to the Same Place in the new model?

Can you send a journal from a new Revit session showing that error? The reason is likely listed in there. Upgrading to a new version before linking can sometimes solve this.

Thanks, Jacob, but I’ve had several Support tickets and conversations with Support about Binding.
The gist of the responses I’ve gotten has been “That’s not what Binding was intended for. You should Copy\Paste”
Copy/Paste usually works slightly better, but that process has it’s own issues.
Duplicate families getting renamed are a problem.
And there is not good way to Copy/Paste Rooms. Thus my attempt in Dynamo

I work in autodesk’s support organization helping our largest customers work more efficiently and avoid downtime (separate from my time masquerading in the Dynamo forums). I tell them my customers (and my colleagues in Boston) the exact opposite - avoid copy paste between projects at all costs. The reason I say this is because copy paste circumvents the protections which are put in place when using binding of links, insert from file, load into project, transfer standards, and the like. Not having those protections lead to increased file corruption as bad or incomplete data is moved via the RAM which adds additional issues.

Here’s the reply that I got from Support (ticket # 15398926(, although they did have some other useful recommendations later. Apparently 2020 gets better at Binding

In general, Bind Link is not recommended for models of huge size or complexity. Even if the operation was able to complete, normally many elements need to be un-joined or even deleted as part of the copy and paste operation. We cannot guarantee the resulting file would match the original file (the customer would have to review all views etc.)
Even with copy and paste some elements may need to be un-joined.

Just tried it in 2020
I’ll try to get a clean Journal file.
A few things I see in there immediately after the Bind:

'C 17-Sep-2019 15:28:17.069; DBG_INFO: Bad argument: preTouch was called with wrong pElemPtr [5617881]: line 293 of d:\ship\2020_px64\source\revit\revitdb\undo\undomgrinterface.cpp.
’ 2.176717 1:<<<* CP: ElementCutting::ElementCutting
’ 0:< ::386:: Delta VM: Avail -1 -> 134174587 MB, Used 3845 MB; RAM: Avail +27 -> 16270 MB, Used +3 -> 3530 MB
’ 0:< GUI Resource Usage GDI: Avail 9024, Used 976, User: Used 549
’ 2.098255 1:<<<* CP: ElementCutting::ElementCutting
’ 2:< ::386:: Delta VM: Avail -2 -> 134174585 MB, Used +0 -> 3846 MB; RAM: Avail -29 -> 16242 MB, Used +0 -> 3531 MB
’ 2:< GUI Resource Usage GDI: Avail 9023, Used 977, User: Used 558
’ 1.428250!!! 2:!!!BIG_GAP * CP: ElementCutting::pasteInto
'C 17-Sep-2019 15:28:22.293; DBG_WARN: Source document has category id 227259, gstyle type 1, gstyle id 227260. Cannot find corresponding gstyle id in destination document.: line 3149 of d:\ship\2020_px64\source\revit\revitdb\copypaste\elementcutting.cpp.
’ 2:< ::386:: Delta VM: Avail +0 -> 134174586 MB, Used 3846 MB; RAM: Avail -82 -> 16160 MB, Used 3531 MB
’ 2:< GUI Resource Usage GDI: Avail 9028, Used 972, User: Used 558
’ 0.435272 3:<<<* CP: ElementCutting::ElementCutting
’ 5:< ::386:: Delta VM: Avail 134174586 MB, Used +6 -> 3853 MB; RAM: Avail -13 -> 16148 MB, Used +6 -> 3537 MB
’ 5:< GUI Resource Usage GDI: Avail 9028, Used 972, User: Used 558
'C 17-Sep-2019 15:28:23.162; DBG_INFO: We would erase elemId from m_cutElements if we restored the intended logic: line 1581 of d:\ship\2020_px64\source\revit\revitdb\copypaste\elementcutting.cpp.
’ 3:< Many-to-one mapping prevented:

’ 3:< Valid replacement id but no match found for Family <Fire Rating, UL, STC Note (for partition types) - BWBR>. Defaulting to no match
from various families
’ 2:< MODIFICATION IS FORBIDDEN: Element modification is forbidden because it is an element in group unplaced world.
’ 2:< MODIFICATION IS FORBIDDEN: Element modification is forbidden because it is a member of a family, and that family is not being edited.
And lots and lots of families renamed with a number on the end.
One more:
’ 15.162318!!! 3:!!!BIG_GAP ** CP: ElementCutting::pasteInto: non-nested part
’ 2:< ::390:: Delta VM: Avail -937 -> 134173651 MB, Used +1002 -> 4862 MB, Peak +168 -> 4862 MB; RAM: Avail -1051 -> 14542 MB, Used +983 -> 4515 MB, Peak +285 -> 4515 MB
’ 2:< GUI Resource Usage GDI: Avail 9029, Used 971, User: Used 558
'C 17-Sep-2019 15:36:06.295; DBG_WARN: Where is the small id?: line 374 of d:\ship\2020_px64\source\revit\revitdb\family\familydocument.cpp.

Clean Journal file after upgrading both the parent and the Link file to 2020
journal.0015.txt (273.1 KB)

Thanks! I’ll review shortly.

And yes, 2020 has gotten better with binding, amongst other things.

Note that those warnings are the type of thing which prevents issues - that is they triggered a ‘stop’ on purpose.

Out of curiosity, did you remove the ‘unnecessary’ items from the model before binding? That is in a typical copy/paste you’re not doing all of the model (or maybe you are in your case), but only parts of it. Did you ‘clean out’ things which wouldn’t have been selected or was it just a ‘bulk bind?’

How about exporting rooms XY location and level + the data you need to Excel, and then use that to create new rooms in the new model?


Sorry I’m late to the pary but will this work if there are no separation lines in the linked file?