GetFromLinkedFile - room


I’d love to copy rooms from one linked file into model compilation. I tested the script on other models, it seems that it works well. what is curious is that when i open the script on this project, i only got the list of null everywhere instead of room copied list.

I wonder if it’s aroused by the links unloaded?

Anybody got an idea on this issue?

Thank you all.

Yes you should load the links.

thanks for your reply. @Kulkul but i don’t see why, cos all the rooms are not depend on other links. The rooms would be floated, But i still can relaod the links later, no?

Try using Rhythm custom node Document.Copy…

Hello @Kulkul

I tried with Rhythm, but it got the alert message as below. I also tried to attache most of the link (which could contains the room boundry elements) and reload these two Dynamo Scripts. It didn’t work out.