How copy all element in link model in current

Hi Everyone,

I have a project with 10 models ARC …
I would like to make 1 only model with all element from all model.

I think I can do like that :slight_smile:

1 copy grids and level
2 copy all wall and floor

And after I would to use dynamo for ceiling, door, windows, sanitary etc …

Did you think is possible ?

Thanks from France.


Why would you just not use the bind command?


it is possible but very difficult to get it right as the original files, bind as a group can be more immediate solution for grids, walls, floors but not levels

Hi, Because i have too many model just for architect model and it’s not easier to work for MEP.

I thinked a dynamo node COPY ALL ELEMENT FROM THE MODEL could be exist why not ? :smiley:

@lineocad …yes there are nodes there can do that…but the issue here i think your model will be very heavy offcourse depends on your projects size…another way could probably be gather the models in navisworks and then link into revit…

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Here is a simple solution.

Copy From linked Model.dyn (8.2 KB)


Here is something similar…

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Thanks a lot
I will try it soon. And i ll comme back to say you if it’s ok :white_check_mark:

So thanks a lot for the solution.
I do that With a list of all category and it’s okay now.

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And how do you plan on making updates when the architectural model changes?

Hi Aaron, in France the architecte doesn’t update his model when we are in execution.

It’s the entreprise which have to do that.

So all update it’s for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: