Copying rooms from linked document

Hey all -

I’m trying to use archilab’s get room at point for rooms in a linked document, and currently am thinking that just copying the rooms over might be the easiest solution.

I know rhythm has a node for this - but it doesn’t preserve geometry. Anyone know one that does / have a solution?

I know I can use Quasar’s get element from link document, dump the geometries, and use clockwork’s draw room separator from curve, but this seems like it’d be the longer way around.



Hi @brstewart

Did you try Springs node?

Thank for the new package - some of that I def will use.

Just the copy from linked node - a similar problem to the rhythm node, it maintains room center, but not the geometry - all the rooms are the same size.

I’m trying to use the get room at point node to perform a 2-fold test -
A. If a hosted element (window, curtain panel) is on the exterior of the structure - if it is, it’ll return null when tested on one side, right?
B. The direction that the element is facing, i.e., which side of the element is on the outside.

II feel like I’m close on this method - any method to accomplish this has to work for architecture in a linked model for my purposes.

Alright - my graph is a mess right now, so sorry about the lack of picture -

The solution I found to my problem was to use solid by union, and test points off each side of the relevant elements (windows, curtain panels) with geometry.doesintersect.

Sorry if anyone finds this and actually wants to copy rooms.