Copying Rooms from a Linked file to a New Project & Annotate

Hi all,

So I think I have finally come up with a way to copy rooms from a linked project into a fresh project but am having some difficulties.

Some background:
What I want to do is place rooms at the correct levels in the new project without copying walls or any other elements. This is for a furniture specific project so we don’t have such a huge main file and can just link it into the main file (this has been an issue lately with a few of our huge projects that have lots and lots of furniture).

So far, the graph will determine the boundaries of the linked projects rooms and redraw those curves with room separators at the proper levels. Then I have it set to create rooms at the same locations as the linked rooms, where the newly create room separators should work nicely as boundaries. Then, it will create independant tags for each of the rooms on all plans associated with a level, and copy the linked room parameters to the newly created rooms.

This does work for some rooms, but for others, they are not using the room separators to determine the room shape. I have attached a screen shot of the graph, and another from Revit to show what some of the rooms are looking like. The dark blue lines are where the room separator lines are located, and as you can see, some of the room are not expanding all the way. I have also attached a copy of the dynamo graph file.

Can I have some help to figure out why? I’m kind of at a loss right now.

Copy Rooms from Linked Project.dyn (198.6 KB)

Looks like bounding from a link, another workset, or from another level is demising the room.

Use a Room.Boundaries node (clockwork package) to report out all the elements which are bounding the misshapen room to get some more info. It also helps to build a new 3D view cropped the room geometry, as often the ‘bounding elements’ will quickly be revealed.

Thank you for the recommendation! I was trying to think about how to troubleshoot this, and this sounds like it will work.