Elements from linked file in room

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Hi everyone,

I´m trying to get the elements from linked model by the following code…Everything works fine but in “Elements from linked file in room” node from archi.lab package, seems does not work and return null.

What im doing is to get the walls from the link model by the rooms in the local model, then create wall finish by room

Any idea?.
Im working with Revit 2019.2 and dynamo

Im doing exactly as you did in this post and return null

Im working with Revit 2019.2 and dynamo

@Raulmtzglez , hi

check out Bimorphnodes or (and) GeniusLocy
You will need a BoundingBox!



My guess is that its a list problem. Double click the node and copy the python to the canvas. Run your wires to the python node and rerun. It may give you an error or more information.

yes bimorphnodes is a better choice

Yes, it gives me an error…I’m not very familiar with python, so… i don´t know what it means or how to fix it

Sure…im working with Bimorphnodes and i think the BoundingBox.GetElementsInside might be what im looking for, im still working on it to get to the finall solution, my only issue now is to transform the link walls to local, as you can see in the second image, the node gives me the solution by using LinkElement.ofCategoryInDocument to resolve, otherwise gets null

I think the warning says everything in this case. Use BimorphNode LinkElement.OfCategory.

Sure, i just wanted to know if i can transform link elements to actual model and use in node BoundingBox.Getelementsinside…

No you don’t, the node takes this onto account, hence why it wants LinkElements