Column Rebar Revit Problem

Hey everybody, I started an internship a few weeks back and I’m learning Revit and Dynamo, so I’m fairly new to both, but I’m enjoying picking them up. I apologize in advance for the terminology I’m sure I’ll get wrong! So I’m trying to create a Dynamo program that allows you to select a column and it will insert vertical rebar and ties. I’ve got it so that it places the rebar like I want it to, but my problem is that when I then move on to a second column and click run again, the rebar disappears from the first column and appears in the second column. Is there some way to break the “link” between the Dynamo and the rebar once it is placed? I already tried using the Select Model Elements instead of Select Model Element to allow me to select all the columns at once, but my whole program is not set up to work like that, so I would have to come up with a whole new workflow to do that.

Thanks a bunch in advance for the help!


Here are some nice tips:


Thanks! I looked through several of those threads and found a work around without writing python code. These are the steps I found to make it work:

  1. Run the graph to create the first element.
  2. Run the graph with different parameters to create a second element which makes the first element disappear.
  3. Hit undo in revit which will move it back to the first position.
  4. Click run again in dynamo and you should have both elements now.

It seems like clicking undo in revit breaks the “link” that the element has with dynamo and makes it permanent in revit.

Hopefully this helps someone else!

This was already in the list, I think:

Yep very similar, just don’t have to unhook a node like the author of that tip did. Thanks for the help!