Copy "override graphics view by elements" and "hide in view element" to another view of the same floor


im looking for a solution to copy “override graphics view by elements” and “hide in view element” to another view of the same floor.

Because we want to have the same plan in a different scale for meetings and dont want to take several A0 plan in 1:50 instead of one plan A0 in 1:100.

At the moment we Use dependent views for the 1:50 plans and use the primary view to print it in 50% zoom for a 1:00 scale.

Does anyone know a tool or a dynamo script that can make this happen?

Since revit doesnt support a hard crop for views ( and allows to change some stuff on the dependen views without the change of the primary view ( we really need some kinde of workaround.

Hope you can help. We could need some :frowning:


Sorry for my english. I hope you understand.

Perhaps scope boxes and view templates are what you’re after?