Copy Dependent Floor Plans from one Revit Project to another RVT

Hi folks,

An electrical revit user in my office came to me looking how to duplicate dependent views from the architects Revit model into his. The project is a 21 story apartment building with 50 typical layouts. The architect has cropped each view such that you only see the aparment layout and nothing else (The view is tight to the exterior walls of the apt). The only way I see to copy these views over is to make the same views in the electrical file then copypaste inside “edit crop sketch mode” from the arch file to the elec file. I think painful is the term for this.

So my user uncovered a neat solution using Dynamo (below). After 2 days of playing with Dynamo, I’m nowhere closer. Does anyone know where I can find the patch to open in Dynamo so it works.

Here is the Dynamo Canvas:

I attempted to build the canvas from scratch but the directions were unclear to operate the function of dynamo inside revit. I was also confused with the first codeblock “14”; What was it hunting for? Should this be something else?

For a first time user, I think I’ve done allright. I’m not certain I want to become a power user, however if I could benefit from the patches I would. Not sure whats happening with that. Anyways thanks in advance.




Anybody have some insight?

Still holding out hope somebody will look at this.


Here is the definition

Views Selection Sets

The first code block which currently says “Level 0” simply filters out plan views with “Level 0” in the name (you can change this to whatever level you want or just remove that section (see the coloured up groups in the dynamo file)

Next section grabs all the views with “Copy” in their name, which all duplicated views are given by default, the last section takes all the filtered views and creates a selection set for you to CTL+C and Paste “Aligned to selected level” into another Revit file.

There is most likely a much easier way to do this particular task, but ive not really looked into it, maybe someone else can help out there. But this will sort your problem.

Simply duplicate all your dependent views, run the dynamo code, load the selection set copy and paste… easy peasy :slight_smile:

Hope this helps


You’ll need to install Clockwork, Steam Nodes, Archi-Lab and Bakery Packages to use the above definition



Hey thanks for providing the insight I needed.

So I have 57 typical layouts in my building none of which are clearly labelled. The labels however are consistently similar meaning I can filter the views. If I can filter by level and copy paste one level at a time I would be well off.

I found the selection level node and thought I could swap out a note block with the level but I guess things don’t work that way. How would I add that into the process?