Copy keynote tag from linked file and paste aligned to current view

Hello Problem Solvers,

I am just wondering is there any dynamo or python script to copy the keynote tag from the linked file and paste by aligned to current view in the current document.
Keynote Tag

If this is possible is a question for the Scripting-gods.

There are packages which allow you to copy elements between models. I believe SteamNodes, clockwork and Rhythm.

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Yes, I have created the script but it copies only elements’ like wall, floor etc…not annotation tags…

@c.poupin Any Ideas or thoughts on this, Pls?

keynotes are view dependent,
if you use Python, try to use this method

or this custom node


@c.poupin Awesome! Thanks a lot. It worked with the custom node.
I am jus wondering can I select the Active view of linked document
like Document.ActiveViewFromCurrentDocument.

If that possible it would be great. I can educe the nodes from the script and keep it simple!