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Hoping I can get some relatively quick help.

I can create elements in dynamo for revit but the issue I am having is copying elements that are in a linked file, and copy them into my current file.
Such as, we have a architectural file linked into our structural one, and I want to simply copy and paste that floor into our model.

I can successfully Copy the floor, select it, all of that, I just can’t figure out a way to paste it in. Is there a node package that I am missing?

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Hi @Kulkul

That’s great, worked perfectly. Not entirely sure how but that’s really good.

Greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the quick response

Hi @Kulkul

Just wondering if you have a solution to this:

Everytime I reopen the dynamo file, it re-copies the elements everytime and then puts duplicates into the model. Is there a way around this?


Hi Alex,

Try to save the dynamo file after running it.

Hi Salv,

Its still doing it unfortunately. Currently its re-copying and pasting the elements again.

Then the only way I can think you could achieve that,is to store the Ids of the elements you are copying. Either export them to excel or write the ids to a project parameter and check against them before you copy.

How to copy paste in same place ?

This python node copy and pastes in same place and same view. Not sure I can do any better but maybe some else on here can improve the code.

code that modifies revit database goes here

itms = UnwrapElement(IN[0])
actv = UnwrapElement(IN[1])
#site = UnwrapElement(IN[2])
output =

for itm in itms:
col1 = ListElementId
itm = ElementTransformUtils.CopyElements(doc, col1, XYZ(0,0,0))


Thank you @simon_murphy1

but I tried different way it works.

Thank You somuch.

Can you please provide Element.CopyFromDocument dyf file.

Hi @pavancad,

The node you are looking for is in the Rhythm package.
I think it has a new name “Document.CopyElementsFromLinkedDocument” .

Hi @MJB-online,

I was looking through my Rhythm directory in Dynamo, and I couldn’t find that node “Document.CopyElementsFromLinkedDocument”. Any updates on if its still supported in the latest version of Rhythm?


Hi @BoraG,

I don’t have the latest version of Rhythm at the moment, so i don’t know.
Maybe @john_pierson can tel you if the node still exists or not.

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Still in latest version.

Rhythm is supported on Revit 2017+ and Dynamo 1.3.2+ (limited 2.0 support right now)

If you are still having issues, manually remove the Rhythm folder from your packages location and install fresh from the package manager.


Hello everyone!

I’ve got a problem with this script.
I wrote it as like you advice on top:

Script works, but with warnings; windows are copied, but aren’t in right location.

Do you have any ideas why it isn’t work?

Best wishes

I am imagining that you are using a link and have moved it somehow. I would try the other node. If you have more issues, please open a new topic.

I use the Springs version as it includes any transform from a rotated project north etc…


Hope that helps,


Hi I wrote the script it worked it is not showing that it copied and pasted on my Revit Project