Paste element (Keynote) on elevation view

Hi guys.

I’m aware that keynote tagging is not supported by Revit API.
I was wondering if I could bypass this problem by “pasting” the keynotes several times automatically on elevation view and it will automatically generate the keynote value once its placed on an element in view (elevation in this case)

Was wondering if this is possible or it has to be done with tagging nodes only? (which then again are not supported by Revit’s API…)

Thank you for your time

Are you talking about copying the tag from a plan view then pasting to an elevation? I don’t know if that will work, since the coordinates are different. Have you tried it in Revit yet? That will at least tell you if it’s even an option.

Hi Nick,

The idea is selecting an element in elevation view (one keynote) and place it on elements (such as windows) automatically. My assumption would be to get location of elements and their centre so the element (keynote) can be placed at those points (middle of windows). The only thing I can’t figure out is giving coordinates to the keynote on an elevation view like this.

Hope this clarifies.

Tagging other elements might not work perfectly but it does seem to work most of the time. Your coordinates should just be the center point of the element every time, as the view direction shouldn’t matter for an annotation.

Alright, I will start with this concept and will get back with any updates.

So I managed to get current location of Keynote and make a copy of it on different X axis (shown as blue point) but it only makes a point does not copy the element (keynote) in that location.

Keynote tag5.dyn (29.7 KB)

Annotation families won’t work with the standard node as they need a reference view. Try using Clockwork’s FamilyInstance.ByPointInView node.

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Despite your technique worked on placing the keynote on view, the keynote didn’t take the value as I hoped it would…