Copy doors from linked model issue

I’m trying to copy Doors from linked model , but it doesnt copy, its just get all doors without copying .
any idea why ?
there is walls at doors locations so no problem with hosts.

Hi @rinag
You need to select revit link instance:

I believe that doors need a host, so copying directly may run into errors if there isn’t a wall in the project which they can host to.

@rinag typically when placing door families in Dynamo I end up using a Family.Instance by level and host.

I then use geometry intersection nodes to find their respective host (which wall does the point of the family intersect with).

I find otherwise the doors will be ‘created’ but not placed (they are actually selectable in Revit still, but not visible anywhere in most cases it seems - quite dangerous if users aren’t aware of this happening).

i still get null :frowning:

there is walls in project,
that is not the issue

I still have the issue
also with copy strairs,
anyone have an idea about the reason of failure?