Copy an host (by face) element in link into actual revit model

Hello, here is my case,

There is 2 revit model : Coordination and Structural

  • One with several generic model hosted by face that are placed on walls (coordination)
  • Another with only walls that host the generic model (structural)

I would like to copy the generic model hosted by face that are linked and hosted by the walls (coordination)
in the actual revit model (structural).

When i copy and past at the same place, it does the trick but the host model doesn’t follow. It just place the same generic model

Did anyone succeed to copy at the same location a hosted by face element that is linked into a revit model ?Replacement des RSV.dyn (56.9 KB)

Anyhelp or recommendation would be appreciated



See this post.

Hello Vijay,

Thanks but by using this node, you lose the “host” element, see in the picture this is written “Non référencée” but the main subject is to copy the element and place them at the same place in the same host…


Hosted family instances require a hosted means of placement. This would require a great deal more than ‘copy to document’ as the reference to the geometry in the link may not be included there, and if it was the host may not be kept consistent (due to the nature of link instances).

This is a good place to start looking: FamilyInstanceCreationData Constructor (XYZ, FamilySymbol, XYZ, Element, StructuralType)

You can give multiple categories as inputs…like walls, windows and doors. It will bring along with hosting.

Thanks @JacobSmall and @_Vijay .
Jacob : Yeah sure, but my C#, VB, C++ skills are inexistant
Vijay : Yes but there will be several times the same object.

Nevertheless i think, once copied in the structural model, i will manually do a rehost by reference plane, it does work well :slight_smile: