Window,,door & opening copy wall to Other walls as same location

Hi There

Can anyone suggest how to copy doors & windows from one wall to other. As shown in image there are 2 walls one is on left side with door & windows & one is on right side without any opening. Now i want to copy all opening from wall on left side to wall on right side at exact location.

Isn’t that solvable with doing ctrl c and ctrl v within Revit?


I am rather looking to get it done using dynamo. Is it possible ?

There is a node - |Copy By Vector, you can try using it.

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Probably, but I also think that it’d require a whole lot of set-up within Revit itself. Might be something better to be build within Revit to start with.
Would you like to see it happen so that it automatically copy the other with whatever you’d add to it?

Further explanation will be much appreciated. Can you help me out to set it up or show me how it is done.

I would if I could but I can’t. You might be better off on a Revit forum:
or is doing this with Dynamo a necessity?

No worries buddy, thanks for assistance.

Did you already try out @Petar_Penchev1’s method?

i don’t know how to use this node.

please give me a sample or suggestion.

it’s working, but elements are copy as same wall.
ex. wall 1 copy to wall 1

copy from wall 1 to wall 2 is my requirement.

Try changing the host after placement?

can you suggest me how to change host???

My point was that just coping them won’t change them. Find their location, shift the location elements to the new walls, and look into nodes that say things like ‘family instance by host’