Copy all elements from a Revit project (View already setup) and Paste to another View

OK I have been kicking around some things for some time using multiple resources. and here is my question. Is there a way to copy all elements from a view and paste it into another projects view using dynamo. here is where I am at.

here is my workflow

  1. select all elements from a view and set up a parameter to record the elements discipline and id number ( demo, temp, existing)
  2. copy all the elements in a view but level 0,0 (basically like window select then copy)
    (working on)
  3. open another project and paste the copied elements into the view on level 0,0
    (not even close)
  4. using the new added disciplines and id number convert all the elements to the proper phase (demo,temp,existing)

so I can manually do the 2 and 3 but want to make it (kiss) keep it simple stupid. right now I do it with three buttons 1st button makes the parameter on all the objects
2nd button adds the parameters to all the elements in a pre set up view. (I then have to copy all the elements. (window and control c)
3rd button in the new project after I paste all the elements to level 0,0 adds the parameter back to all the elements so the correct phases is added.