Convert project coordinates to Survey


I am trying to extract my survey coordinates from my piles but I can only extract the project base point coordinates. Can this be done through Dynamo ?



Hi @Kieran_Atherton,

Yes it’s possible.

Get coordinate systems of element.dyn (9.7 KB)

I do not remember who I have to credit for the python script.

I cant seem to get that to work with my script, Can you help ?

Please show the error with all previews enabled under the nodes.

Hi Alban,

I am really stuck with this and cant figure out how to convert the project base points. any help would be much appreciated.





I don’t understand your goal. What points do you want to convert and why ?

Autodesk Map, which you can access through the Planning and Analysis workspace, has a function to create a custom coordinate system. Your solution sounds like a good work-around and probably easier than trying to make a custom coordinate system transformation in Civil 3D. Bluestacks TextNow


My goal is to convert the project base coordinates to survey coordinates but no matter I do I cannot seem to figure out how to convert them

DId you watch this post ?
It seems that is what you want to achieve.

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Just a quick question: Have you rotated your project? Or just XY-translation?

I might suggest providing a few screenshots.

  1. Your project positioning settings
  2. Your base point and survey point in a 3D view
  3. A view with coordinate point tags showing values of project and shared coordinates

Otherwise, it’s difficult to know how you are set up.

Hi M.owens.

Please see attached sreenshots.

Not sure if this is what you looking for or not.



Hi Jostein,

I think my project has been rotated, I don’t believe I have used the XY-translation node.

I have added some screenshots below of my project.

See if there’s anything here you can use: Element Shared Coordinates Location


SpotCoordinateValues.dyn (8.1 KB)
16-0041_BPM_D2-M0-STR.rvt (1.4 MB)

I don’t understand why the python script I provide in the second post doesn’t suit your needs.

It seems to work well or maybe I still have not understood your goal.

Hi Alban,

Can you send me your script to see if it works with my coordinate system please ?


I have reproduced your coordinate system.


The script is in post 2.

Thank you Alban,

Can you tell me where I can find the Survey & Base location nones please ?