Convert project coordinates to Survey

In my picture, I found the survey and base locations of the piles with 2 differents methods.
The first is with Python and is short and easy.
The second method is with OOTB nodes and is more complicated.

The base and survey location nodes you’re talking about are only Watch nodes renamed.

Hi Alban,

Yea I still cant get it to work

What does the error say above the python script and above the coordinatesystembyorigin ? (in yellow)

Warning: Your inputs lie outside of the allowable modeling range, consider choosing the Extra Large setting with a modeling range between 1 and 100,000,000 from the “Settings => Geometry Working Range” dialog

Change your working range to “Extra Large” here:


Hi Jonathon,

I’m still getting that error message.

Can you add your revit project file with the piles or send it by private message ?
It will be easier to help you.

So the problem was that your Structural Foundations category contains Rebar, floor, piles and ground beams.
It’s necessary to add a filter to keep only the piles and the beams.
The beams are curves but it’s possible to find their midpoint.

Get coordinate systems of element V2.dyn (22.3 KB)

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Cheers Alban,

Really appreiciatw the help :smile: