Controlling visibility parameters in titleblocks

Trying to turn on electrical engineer’s stamp on all sheet numbers starting with “E”. Just can’t get to the end. Seems to be turning on the stamp on other sheets as well…randomly. I don’t think my output matches the input type needed at the end - setting the final parameter.

Any help would be appreciated. Just learning/teaching Dynamo on my own for the past few weeks.

Mike in Charleston

What does the error message say?

Good afternoon T_Pover…

Dereferencing a non-pointer…

Good evening over here :slight_smile:
I see, from what I understand you want to enable multiple parameters (engineer’s name), correct?

Here’s my train of thought…

  1. Collect all Title Blocks
  2. Filter all electrical sheets by: String.StartsWith “E”
  3. Set the Title Block parameter by engineer’s name to a value of 1 (visibility=On)

Current end results is a list of E sheets…E001, E100, etc…Which is not working. Do I need to collect all sheets from the E sheet list and then set the parameters?


Fabulous! That did it. I knew it was simple - just staring at it for too long.

Thank you for your help!