Element.SetParameterByName issue

I am trying to sort and group all my pipe hangers into groups of the same Hanger Type, Size and Rod length and apply a sequential number to each “group”. FIltering and sorting seem to be working but the renumbering part is failing, the Element.SetParameterByName is giving me a error of "Dereferencing a nonpointer.
What do i need to do to get this working?

Hi @Peterpiper

You need to connect elements to setparameter input element right now your connecting strings.

Yep try using the sorted list output rather than the sorted keys output

Thanks guys, that was it…with a couple other tweaks.

I tried using the List.Count Occurrences node in the post above to bring Elements back in and I still get a non-pointer. If I go back to the beginning to get Elements, I will lose my sorting. Any thoughts?

Try connecting the bool mask from all elements of category

That cleared the non-pointer error, but now it gives me a “parameter not found” error. Do I need to insert another Get Parameter group at the front?

Found another thread and fixed my own problem - Controlling visibility parameters in titleblocks

I was using “Sheets” instead of “Title Blocks” at the front and was not using binary control 0/1 in a code block for ON/OFF at the set Parameter node.

Works now