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Hi All,

Trying to automate Drawing sheet management and preparing codes for all of these. Like North arrow rotation, scale etc.

Currently working on Sheet discipline. My idea was to take all sheets and filter out based on sheet number (For Mech drawing sheet prefixed with ME, Elec EL etc.). I was able to filter out discipline wise sheets but can’t able to find a solution on how to get “set the parameter by name” node to work. Any clues ? Thanks in advance.

FYI: I have sheet Discipline as a Parameter in my project.
We follow multi Discipline model for services.


Try an Element.Parameters node to see what your options are. By the looks of it (but I cannot confirm) you are working with the title block not the sheets, so a revision to your original selection method may be required.

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Looks like you need to be grabbing the sheets themselves and applying/modifying parameter values to those - I just recently did something similar to this for automating sheet creation and view browser organization parameters.

Maybe a type error? Does the parameter take true/false input?

What says the error message?

What does the error says? have you tried set the parameter as a string? or, if it is driven by a dropdown selector, it would take integers