Link two parameters of different categories. sheets and title blocks

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I want a planning table where the measurements of the sheets are, the problem is that the measurements (width and length) are in the category of title blocks.
I have created two type parameters that I have applied to sheets category, and I want the values ​​of the measures of the title blocks appear in these parameters.

Let’s see if any of you can help me.
The problem I detect is that when dynamo lists the elements, the order of the sheets and the order of the title blocks is not the same, so I use an order that allows me to relate both elements, ie the sheet with nº 01 and the title block whose plane number is 01, or does not assign me the dimensions correctly. On the other hand it has occurred to me to order the list of elements that comes out of the sheets and that of the title block but when I use the command “Element.SetParameterByName” it does not detect the ordered lists, I do not know if any node that allows transforms a list in elements.

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try this

Hi, thanks for your response:

I would like to do it by separate parameters, without joining the two parameters separated by commas. it could be done?

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You just need an extra SetParameter node (make a copy) and delete the CodeBlock a+“x”+b.
Rename the node for the ParameterName according to the parameters you have.

Hi, thanks for your response:

it gives me an error. before starting with the set parameter

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All your Sheets do have a Titleblock?
What does the error say? (click on the yellow nodes box on the topside of the node)

Yes i have one title block with one sheet.

can you show the previews of the ElementGetParameterValueByName nodes?


I think you might need your IndexOf list @ level 2 with lacing set to longest…

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Yesterday a friend helped me and we got it.
Thanks for the help.

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