Controlling Tag position with dynamo

I would like to be able to place annotations on piping and duct according to different parameters (Say-After a change in direction and after a size change). Then be able to mass control the XY(and maybe Z) positions(preferably with sliders) of the tags I just placed in order to avoid touching each one to move to a readable position. Once I get them all placed in a relatively good location then I can go back and modify the small number that may need adjusting.

I was also thinking of setting up a bounding box awareness of the other tags in the view to avoid placing tags on top of tags-perhaps that can be coupled with the element positions slider.

True 920 1000 ..\AppData\TagElements_Positions.xlsx Sheet 1 <Dynamo.Graph.Nodes.ZeroTouch.DSFunction guid="07821f60-456b-4a40-8003-e14b24bc84f9" type="Dynamo
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