Contour lines from toposurface

Hello guys!

I am quite new to dynamo so please forgive my node structure which might be a little bit rough. I know there are multiple topics both here on this forum and elsewhere regarding this issue however I encountered an error message that I couldn’t yet resolve.

I am trying to extract contour lines from a toposurface via dynamo beacuse the basic export to .dwg renders very unnatural and jiggly lines. I have found a soution here (Retrieve topo contour lines and smooth curves - #3 by BIMadmin) and tried applying it, however it doesn’t work for some reason. The Element.Geometry node throws this error: “Warning: One or more geometries have failed to convert due to this error: PolyCurve objects may be branching.”, and the PolyCurve.Fillet node: “Warning: PolyCurve.Fillet operation failed. The PolyCurve object could not be rounded. : DEGENERATE_OFFSET – The offset wire is degenerate.”.

Could You please help? Either by modifying or completely overwriting my nodes? Thank You very much in advance!

Home.dyn (18.2 KB)

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The is the sort of issue which requires the Revit model to resolve.

Best to post a model in your current Revit format with a sample topo so that others can utilize the same toolset.

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I am sorry for the delayed answer. Here is the topography in question. My goal is to export topography contour lines as smooth curves so if You find it easier some other way (convert to mesh → intersect with planes etc.) I am open to anything really.

Thank You again.
Topography.rvt (6.2 MB)