Topography Shape Gone wrong

Hi Guys, I have received this surface as a DWG
E03-50GT-V1-0000-0003 (mod).dwg (1.4 MB)
I insert it into Revit and I would do a Topography from a linked File but I would get different geometries. Unlike the surface in the DWG This is the 3D View Different from the DWG

I am getting these errors

In dynamo I have tried obtaining the geometry of from the linked DWG the used the topography by points I got the same result .
Any Idea how I can create the topography with the same shape via dynamo or if I am doing anything wrong

Amigo @ahmadkhalaf7892 buenas, como estas? Check this post, is a similar issue, basiclly i advice to the user take the level curves from C3D and create solids from lofts, may be this give you some ideas!!

Hola Amigo.
I appreciate the help. but may I ask how Can I transfer a solid or a polycurve into a topography in Revit.
I want the shape to be the same and I am having a problem there.
Thanks a lot

I do not believe Revit will allow authoring a convex topography element, and as such you get results like this. You could try linking the topography via BIM360 as that utilizes an alternative method of generating the form, or make a subregion of the topo you don’t want and hide it.

Thanks a lot Jacob.
I’ll do my best there