Construction Simulation with Dynamo

Dear all!
I have a ideal that using dynamo to simulate sequence of construction.
I use python script to run a loop…for from start to end. Then i compare with the “sequence parameter value” and update the status of per element (Sequence is project parameter). I write the status value to “Comments Parameter”. Then I use filter tool in Revit to paint element that have status value is “Now”. In the loop, i also use sleep() to delay time for seeing in Revit.

I think the dynamo file work find but the problem is Revit doese not update value every loop.
I just think about using Transaction for every loop but i don’t know how to do.
Do you have any ideal?
I would like to send my Revit and Dynamo file for your seeing?
Simulate Construction.rvt (1016 KB)
Asking in forum.dyn (5.9 KB)

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Hi @Vo_Minh_Doan
Check out thinkparametric package by @Konrad_K_Sobon Fire Rating Doesn't Exist for all Wall Categories?

1 Like package now has all of these nodes as well. You can download them from a package manager.

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