Will Revit Parameters Update During a Dynamo Graph Run?

In attempting to make a graph that will check to see if a space is properly bounded by the ceiling of a model I have made the below graph. (I was working with a couple methods but have frozen all but the bottom section to isolate it) In the instance of the first listed space, I intentionally set the height very low so that the volume would definitely change after the height was increased as it would be well below the ceiling. I am able to see the change in the height of the space, but, for some reason, the volume that Dynamo is pulling does not change after the height does, even though, when I go back into Revit after the graph runs, the volume is showing as having been changed. My question here is this: Does Revit update related parameters (in this case, volume related to height) while a Dynamo graph is running, or does or does Revit not get control to do that until after the graph has finished running?

Thanks for any help.

I can’t really tell from your graph, but likely the get data part of graph occurs before the set data - you have to control the flow of data to control the execution order using something like a codeblock with multiple inputs that only passes some data on, that will force dynamo to wait until all inputs are ready before moving on.

That’s essentially what I attempted to do with the Passthrough nodes. They should not pass the input data to the following node until the designated “waitfor” node has resolved.

This is a more concise view of exactly what I’m working with.

cool - you may also need to control the transactions with revit - try using transaction.end after you set your value.

Thank you! That’s exactly what I needed to do. I had not found/experimented with the transaction.end node before. Now after I have it end the transaction before attempting to pull the volume a second time, the information has updated accordingly.