Create Revit element in different time

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I tried to create Revit elements by Dynamo. And I prefer to create some elements with different time. That is, the elements are created one by one with several time intervals. I searched the related topics in the forum, and I still could not solve it. I found some timer node to pause the whole process, such as in the topic
I have followed this topic and written a Dynamo script(TIme)
It paused the whole procedure in several seconds. However, I wonder whether it is possible to pause only part of the script.

I hope I made the problem clear.

if your intention is to see the revit view update as you create element, then try using individual transactions.

Causing Dynamo to wait won’t allow you to view sequential actions - you need to run things periodically and ensure that things are created inside a transaction as @Michael_Kirschner2 indicated.

@Michael_Kirschner2 @JacobSmall
Thanks very much for the help.
I am a beginner in Revit API development and Dynamo, so I am a little confused about the individual transactions. I guess that I have to write some node by myself using Revit API instead of Dynamo? I prefer to use the python to write something. So I wonder whether it is available to do this in Dynamo. If possible, is there some examples or tutorials about this job.

Thanks again for your help.

There are several examples of transaction start/end around the forum and elsewhere. This isn’t an easy first script though.

Why are you looking to animate with Revit?

Thanks very much. In my project, I tried to present the building construction steps to others. A whole Revit model is created by Dynamo at the same time. I think it would be interesting to display each part (from the floor, wall to the roof…) one by one.

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Interesting, but I can see how this might actually slow things down as your workflow scales up. Might be better to look into using some other software which has this sort of capability built in already, as each time you run the graph containing the transaction method you’ll be creating new elements in the model. That means you’ll have to do a LOT of undoing or risk having duplicate elements/whatever else. Unhiding in view may be better as a result.

Perhaps you should look into Navisworks for this presentation instead? Added benefit of a degree of movement as well.

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Dear @JacobSmall,

This definitely helps. I would like to find the ways to use Navisworks to present the model.
And it seems it is possible to connect Dynamo, Revit, and Navisworks together.

My one and only dynamo “don’t” is that you shouldn’t try and program functions for a software that you haven’t used before. Get used to building this natively in Navisworks before you try and use Dynamk on it.

Also be warned: you will need some python to call navisworks api stuff.

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Dear @JacobSmall

Thanks for your suggestions. As you said, I would first try to know the basic knowledge of Navisworks and try to use it to solve my problem first.

You really help me a lot.

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