Connecting sprinklers to pipe

Hi! I need to connect all the sprinklers to the main pipe shown on the picture. MEPover just connects the ones on the border. I can connect them manually with the Revit function “connect into” when selecting only one sprinkler.

Is there a way of doing this with Dynamo? Maybe using python in it.

I have searched though the forum, but it´s mainly the case of sprinklers at the ends of pipes, but as you can see in the picture, there are sprinklers across the whole pipe.

Hi @inleiva

Have you tried using “Element.ConnectInto” from same (MEPover) package?

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It only works with two… but if I put more sprinklers, this happens.

The other node I said, has the problems that by splitting the first pipe with a Tee, it generates two, hence the node does not recognize the new pipe. Maybe by recursive methods?

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Are you still selling thos files?

due to the nature of dynamo I would not be comfortable in selling. But we can discuss options where the scripts can be used under some kinda trade/exchange. The half dozen sprinkler related scripts I have need to be updated to new dynamo versions (currently in 1.3 2018) . Contact me at to discuss your needs.

updated the script to for revit 2020.
I will also make few variations of this one to do also include hangers at the armovers and branch lines over 12".
give me whistle, buy me some coffee an ill give u the file link.:slight_smile:


Hi Wuillian,
Does this script works also works in Revit 2018 & Dynamo 2.0.2?

this updated one is 2.1.0. I have older version back to 1.3 that used different nodes to achieve similar effect. this on includes straight drop as well as armovers.

Hi @Wuillian_Medrano, any chance i can buy you a coffee for the armover script and will it work with 2021?

Thanks @Wuillian_Medrano, i will email you shortly. We are currently looking into Autosprink RVT, but because of COVID-19 all our software purchases have been put on hold. :frowning:


request the Graph here