Remove all fittings and connect pipe endpoints

Hi All,

It’s my first post here.

I have been using dynamo for really simple things like export/import data to excel. But now I think I can make use of it for something more complicated.

The export/import tool of the software I use for sprinkler hydraulic calcs doesn’t recognize revit fittings. But on the plus side it brings in pipework correctly in terms of 3D positioning and sizing.

I tried creating fittings that had connectors in the 0,0,0 point, but problem was that when i replaced original fitings with “fake” ones, revit moved pipes or put them on slopes. This was because of sprinkler heads (didn’t want to move) were holding the connection point. So for me this method is not reliable.

So my my way of thinking is to remove all the fittings from the model. But when I do this manually pipe endpoints are left remote. What I would like to use dynamo for is to connect those remote ends in the intersection point.

Do you have any ideas how this could be achieved? any custom nodes you are aware of, or any advice would be highly appreciated. As I have no idea where to start with and my best bet was this forum.

Many thanks

Hi Michal,
Welcome to the forum. Although I don’t know exactly what it is you’re trying to do, you could check out the MEPover package for some nodes that will let you connect and disconnect connectors on pipes and Fittings.