Connecting sprinkler to system

i can create fittings and pipes into the system, but i can’t find a node that connects my sprinkler to the pipe. at the moment im placing a fitting with the fitting by 2 curves node, but the sprinkler does not return a curve. Any suggestions looked at Gorilla17 and MEPOver for node option. A union node between sprinkler and pipe is out there right?

Hi @Wuillian_Medrano

Could you please drop your DYN file here so that we can have closer look at your issue. The video link which you have provided is not clear.

Pipe - Select - 01 - Multiple ArmOver.dyn (109.9 KB)

To get the desired reducer at sprinkler i am using a 1/2" pipe segment to represent a curve for sprinkler. i should be looking for a connector to connector fitting union node. I believe there is one for elbow fitting.

ash you can see the graph is still a mess. thanks

@Wuillian_Medrano From which package your using the below node?

standalone node

@Wuillian_Medrano You need to acess REVIT API “Connector Class” “ConnectTo” Method That will make connection between 2 connectors.

I am not near my PC may be @T_Pover can put some light on this.

If i can access that API and use it for multiple sprinkler it will make this graph much simpler.

Related to connection thread:

as an alternative im attempting to use this node.
anyone use AddMEPFitting.addElbow sucessfully yet? Gorilla17 pkg, seems like a reduce should have similar code. and could get me what i need.

The thing with the ConnectTo method is that it does just that: connect two connectors… and nothing else, it doesn’t create any pipes or fittings for you, so you could end up with an empty space between 2 connectors but they would still be connected.
@Wuillian_Medrano, it kind of depends on the current result of your graph, if it generates sprinklers and pipes and they line up exactly and all they need is a connection then the ConnectTo method should suffice. If you need an extra piece of pipe before connecting then the ConnectTo method won’t generate that for you.
Anyway, I’ve altered the code for MEPFitting.ByMEPCurves a bit so that the first input takes pipes and the second input can take sprinklers and it will try to connect them. If the connector sizes are different it will generate a union and if the connector sizes are the same it will just connect the two. The only condition is that they are in the same location. Here’s what it looks like:

and the node: Connect sprinkler to pipe.dyn (4.4 KB)
Pipes in input IN[0] and sprinklers in IN[1]

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that worked perfectly! it creates a reducer and brings the sprinkler into the system.
The connectors were lined-up as needed since the sprinkler connector locations were use to start pipe above.