Connect multiple MEP Connectors to a pipe. Ie :"Multi Connect To"

I have been down the rabbit hole for a few days now. I have the pipe routing right from the selected connectors to the selected pipe but just can’t get them to connect. Been trying multiple options with no luck. Tried the spring node loop connect. Its so frustrating because a few clicks and its done but this last step is preventing full automation. Hoping someone can help me just nudge this pipes enough to connect, of course a nudge will not work the curve needs to be “pulled” together to connect. Big shout out to @T_Pover for creating mepover to make this possible.

Multi Connect to.dyn (159.0 KB)

Sample.rvt (1.8 MB)

Hi Jeremy,

I think I know what you are trying to do. While I did not expand on your dynamo graph, I did create something from scratch hoping that might give you some new ideas for what you are trying to achieve. I had to create a few new nodes for some stuff that I used to always do directly with Python (So you’ll need to update the package). One of those is the Connector.direction nodes. These will return the direction on the connectors, like so:

Another is the Curve.Project node (although I keep wondering if there isn’t a OOTB node for this in Dynamo, but I cannot find it if it is). This will find the shortest line between a point and a curve. Useful for getting from branch pipes to main pipes.

Here’s the graph: (I did have to load a different tee into the project for the branches to connect to the main pipe).Multi Connect to V2.dyn (53.7 KB)


Really appreciate the help. Super busy here today but hope to look at this tomorrow!

Can’t wait to take a look hahaha

Just realized what the OOTB node is for the Curve.Project node: Geometry.ClosestPointTo.
I will remove the Curve.ProjectPoint node from my package. This is the updated graph: Multi Connect to V2.dyn (55.1 KB)

Took me this long to find some time to get back to this graph. Essentially the attached graph is pretty much what I want I just need to call the extend all Revit command extending the branches to mains to make the Tee’s. I spend hours maybe even days trying to make this work but I think the problem was me trying to use your create tee with two curves node. The problem is that as soon as the first tee is created the main pipe (element) is split into two pieces causing two two pipes and therefore the other pipes cannot connect to the main because it doesn’t exist anymore. Or thats my guess. Any help would be appreciated. Right now this would only work for fixtures offset from the main in the Y axis the next step would be to do the x axis or automate that somehow too

Multi Connect to V3.dyn (60.5 KB)