How to place pipes that are connected to system?

Hi, I used script to place pipe between points

Pipe by Points

this is great I can place it into connectors points so it is in perfect location, apply PipeType, SystemType
but at the end pipe is not connected. I still have to go to connector and just click in order to connect.
Is there any method to insert and connect?
Also is there method instead of placing pipe draw pipe from connector based on points?

Hi @Michal_Dengusiak

Could you please drop your files (DYN) here. So that it will save others time in typing Python script again. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, unfortunately it is not so easy as I am referencing other internal .dll packages. My script right now is quite complex. I will check if can extract example just for two fittings and place one pipe, but not sure that is possible.

OK manage to get it working but due to complex example unable to paste code. However method used in placing pipe example between two points has limitation. On one hand pipe can be placed perfectly in connectors coordinates once we provide two points, SystemType, PipeType and Level but it does not connect to system and also size need to be manually adjusted and still connecton click in order to connect.
I am referring here to my example where I was placing pipes to unconnected connectors.

Proper way is to use:
Pipe.Create( Document document, ElementId pipeTypeId, ElementId levelId,Connector startConnector, Connector endConnector)
It is much simpler as we do not need SystemType, is connected and we have pipe size.
Happy coding :slight_smile:

Hi I realized that Script in link was not working - at least for me ?! it is always so annoying

Creating pipe from CAD file

Here is my working version of Script:

Code.txt (1.4 KB)