Connecting sliced pipes

I made Dynamo script that creates Pipes generativly. My pipes are all disconnected. Is there a way connect them. I tried MEPFitting.ByMEPCurves but it doesnt work for me.

If you just wanna connect them without fitting, this here should work

Connect pipes.dyn (29.5 KB)

If you want fitting between your pipes, you can try split by point from Genius Loci package…

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Thank you, but creating pipes by polycurves is not something I am looking for. I want to connect something that is already there + something I created. All of them are splitted. Right now I am trying to work with Connector.ConnectTo but have no sulution in this too.

alright, have you tried this one here from MEPover

I want them to be connected to 1 piece. Mine already are next to eachother. Something like this

you could try the MEPfitting and add a delete node after, then it will be in one piece

Let me try. Be r8 b

Hello @S9Mert
this topic may interest you

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This works for me. Thank you. I will try to send a screenshot br8b