Automatic connections of drawing pipes from lines

Hi guys
Im trying to create pipes with connections while creating pipes in dynamo i have created pipe using mepover package but my problem is it does not create connections as we draw manually



Also searching for this solution. MEPOver nodes for fittings does not work well, also.

Hello…Probably something here could help…Create fitting between pipes by detailcurve - #10 by sven.deleau

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@sovitek This method works only for elbows, not for branches (tees, crosses). In fact, it creates problems wherever there is a branch in the pipe by treating it as a bend, which kind of ruins the whole routing.

My workflow for drawing all pipes from lines (with elbows, tees, crosses, everything) is not a single step process. I do it like this:

Step 1: Draw all pipes using detail lines. Pipes are drawn without any fittings. But the main run of the pipe is connected (can be selected using tab selection) while the branches are not connected. There are no fittings anywhere but using tab selection, the main run of the pipe can be selected without any branches being selected.

Step 2: Create elbows in the main run using the same method that @sovitek linked.

Step 3: Selet all the remaining pipes (all branch pipes), and check if their bounding box intersects with that of any of the pipes in the main run (bounding box intersect is much lighter and faster than checking geometry intersect). If it does intersect, place a fitting (tee or a cross) there using MEPFitting.ByMEPCurves.

This is a convoluted process and does not even work with some fittings, but does work with the fittings that I use.


Thats great ! could you show or share these graph you use for that task ?

@sovitek Well it’s a saturday so I’m not at my office. I will show the graphs on Monday.

Allright…just thought it was easy to made again :wink: have a nice day