Connecting VAV boxes to Pipes with MEPover Element.ConnectInto

I was trying to use @T_Pover’s Element.ConnectInto Node to connect pipes to a VAV box, but it did not work at all. I have only selected one pipe and one VAV element.


I even tried to connect a pipe to a sprinkler like T_Pover explained in another post but, that did not work for me either.

The sprinkler/ pipe post I’m referring to:

What am I doing wrong / missing?


Could you share the families you are using so I can take a look?

The VAV box is a custom family but the sprinkler is “M-Sprinkler-Horizontal Sidewall-Fully Recessed -Hosted 15mm Horizontal Sidewall” and the pipe is “Domestic Water-Copper”

Seems to work for me. Are you sure that the pipe is of the same system type as the connector on the sprinkler?

The sprinkler and pipe worked with ConnectInto. I’m guessing the VAV box doesn’t work because it has multiple connectors and you can’t select which connector to connect the pipe to. I’m thinking of using the MEP Connector Info node to get the connector and using that and the pipe in the Element.ConnectInto node. Does this node work for connectors as well?

@hdeol @T_Pover, have you found a solution to connect into a family with multiple connectors of the same system type?

I have not, but depending on the situation there might be another workaround. I do think it would be best to start a new topic explaining your problem in that case.