Completely automated IFC export on remote computer?

Hi folks,

I would like to automate an IFC export from Revit on a remote computer. As of now, it is a boring and time consuming task. Automating it would free up both workstations and people. I’m guessing that the whole process can be automated but I’m not sure of how to technically accomplish it. Hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction.

What I want to accomplish (on a remote computer)

  1. Launch Revit model at a set time mon-fri (after office hours)
  2. Export IFC model to location on network drive
  3. Shut down Revit

Task schedule (?)

  1. Launch Revit at a set time mon-fri
  2. Open Revit File
  3. Launch Dynamo
  4. Open Dynamo File
  5. Execute Dynamo File
    5.1. Load Revit model as input
    5.2. Initiate IFC export
    5.3. Choose IFC file version (pre defined)
    5.4. Export IFC to file location
  6. Shut down Dynamo
  7. Shut down Revit

I can accomplish task 1 through a simple batch script. But after that I’m pretty much stuck… I’m experienced in Revit but new to Dynamo. Using a batch script, is it possible to hook into the Revit API to accomplish step 2-7? Is my approach even logical? Is there another approach which is more simple and better?

I appreciate all feedback. In the meantime I’ll browse the forum for similar topics. Noticed some great posts regarding IFC exports (task 5.1-5.4) which I will read. Will update with my progress.

something like this?

Well, partly like that!

In the video a dynamo script is run manually from Dynamo Studio. The script opens up .RVT files in different instances of Revit and executes additional Dynamo operations within them. With the video and forum threads about IFC export in mind I created an updated task schedule. The highlighted/bold tasks are the ones I know how to automate.

1. Run Dynamo Studio at a set time mon-fri (after office hours)
2. Open Dynamo File
3. Run Dynamo File
. 3.1. Run Revit
. 3.2. Load Revit model as input
. 3.3. Initiate IFC export
. 3.4. Choose IFC file version (predef)
. 3.5. Export IFC to file location
. 3.6. Shut down Revit
4. Shut down Dynamo Studio

But some essential questions about the automation remains:
Once Dynamo Studio has been automatically opened by a batch script, how do i get it do:
a) Open the dynamo file (with the IFC export script)?
b) Run the dynamo file?

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You have to use the Master/Slave concept

RTV Tools has an alternative

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From what I understood about the Master/Slave concept, the slave graphs are automated but the master graph still needs to be executed manually. So no improvement regarding task #3.

The RTV Xporter Pro looks very interesting! It actually seems to have all the automation functionality I want. The software seem to be pretty straight forward and easy to use, which is great for colleagues who are even more unfamiliar to Dynamo than me. Also super cheap for a single license ($49)! Will download the trial and check it out. This might save me a lot of hassle with batch and dynamo programming.

So, roughly two months have passed since I started using RTV Xporter Pro. Thought I might check back here and share what I’ve learned. This is actually not related to Dynamo, but it’s very related to automation. So perhaps forum visitors and members still appreciate this information.

RTV Xporter Pro works great and fulfills almost all of my automation demands specified in my original post. We’re currently using at our office for nightly exports from a huge Revit project. It exports different sets of DWG, IFC and PDF files automatically which saves us a lot of time. The software has a lot of customizable export settings for all file formats it can output. So I can tailor every export in detail.

The GUI is not the prettiest and it’s quite a hassle to keep track of all export files, batch files and scheduled tasks. It also lacks the feature of eTransmitting a Revit file. But the software is rock solid and works like a clock. I recommend everyone who are interested in Revit export automation to check it out.

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I use RTV TOOL for 2 years. number 1 ! but for the moment does not work with 360 Design projects

But! The product ”RTV Xporter Pro" works excellent with the Autodesk BIM 360 cloud service. At the office we use the software everyday with a project located/saved in a 360 drive with no problems at all.