Export revit file in web site with dynamo


I’d like to export my revit files in IFC or DWFx thanks to Dynamo in a A360 or a website, it’s possible or not ? I think I need Dynamo because I want my files synchronised every 5 minutes. But when I export by myself in A360 evidently when there are modifications in my files it doesn’t update it in the site.

I don’t know if this is possible but even if it is it would require you to run Dynamo every 5 minutes… This is not a good idea for obvious reasons. What is your end goal? Why do you need such frequent updates? If your goal is to have “live” files hosted somewhere that would still require other users to download or update every 5 minutes to stay up to date.

Using native dynamo…probably not. Using the Revit api, not too complicated. Also, I remember seeing an example of someone canceling an operation in dynamo using a windows form, but I don’t remember where I saw it or how they did it.

Essentially it would go something like this:

# This is pseudocode
doc = CurrentDBDocument
folder = ‘C:/Example’
while True:
    name = doc.Name + str(time.time())
    doc.Export(name, folder, ViewSet, DWFXExportOptions)

As you can see, there is no exit condition, so it would continue forever.

Not complicated but also requires they have Revit open 24x7x365, and the lack of end means you’ll have to force quit the application to make it stop, meaning you’ll run the risk of a corrupted IFC when it dies.

Better option would be to use BIM360’s scheduled publish option. Not sure it does IFC but there is likely a better solution there or with Forge services then via a Revit add-in it Dynamo graph.


If using forge, it might be a good opportunity to use the design automation API. However, if this is also limited to published versions, a “5-minute” frequency is likely not possible. For teams wanting true real-time analytics it would definitely be preferable to access the current model rather than the most recently published version, although I don’t know if this is feasible.

I think the only option would be to use BIM 360 and link to the live model - assuming that’s your end goal.

Forge or the BIM 360 scheduled publish are good ideas, but 5 minutes still sounds a little unnecessary to me, logistically speaking. I’m not exactly sure how Forge or the design automation API would work but I’m guessing, like BIM 360, it would still be dependent on the central model. Meaning in order to get “5 minute updates” everyone would still have to be syncing every 5 minutes. Which, on any decent sized project, probably equates to constant syncing and no work actually being done.

What is the intent of these 5 minute updates?

I insert in Revit datas like temperature from sensors and every 5 minutes it’s updated, thanks to datas I color floors too

Ahhh. I don’t know what happened to it but Autodesk was developing something called Project Dasher as part of their IoT connected visualization and database. This is exactly what they demoed and it’s more in line with what you would want. I don’t think you want Revit having to access external data every 5 minutes.

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My main target is to have the IFC File exported each 15 min for example because Revit will change the sensor values in Revit each 15 mins so i have to get the update it values to IFC File to exported to a platform like A360, trimble connect or other application always updated.

Until now I am able to update the file to Trimble connect but the problem is that dynamo is sending only one time the IFC File and not periodically until i remove the link and i join it back to the export IFC Node

If you are using sensory data, I would seriously suggest you eliminate yourself away from what you are after doing(the process/workflow) and rethink the whole process.

As i see you having a revit file as IFC then you dynamically link a database of your sensory data to the geometry in the ifc file(GUID’s as the link between the sensor and the geometry). Then use something called Project Dasher(as Nick_Boyts has indicated) to display the data from the sensor on the objects in the model.

The sensory information will need to be in a database to suit and will dynamically be linked then without the need to create a new IFC file everytime a number changes. This will also reduce the amount of computing resources that is required(storage/processing/etc)

Example of Project dasher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyYEQmhz2H4


Project Dasher is still not available

In my case i have to send the up-to-date sensors information in the 3D Model to a web page platform.

So i think if i am able to take the ifc model up to date i will try through dynamo to send the IFC file to A360 periodically. Hopefully it can work like this

Instead of data to Revit to IFC to A360 (forge), leverage the Forge platform and read the data there and assign to objects in the model directly. The extra steps are unnecessary as I see them.

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as jacob says, why not use forge to read the revit file from Bim360 and your sensor information from a database(sql,json,etc) then it is all displayed nicely in a web interface that you can design how you please.


can we do in Forge what we can do in Dynamo ?
Such as room colors based on conditions
Assign tags label to some objects
Give alert notification for some situations etc.?

I don’t know but I am fairly. Certain that the answer to those is yes. In any case I would start and end with Forge if possible.

Adding parts (Revit, Dynamo, IFC) to the mix should be done minimally as needed, not as the starting point.