How to automate .rfa to .rvt / .ifc conversion?

It’s easy by loading family into project and save as as a .rvt type / export it to ifc.

My problem: I have 100s of .rfa files to change/export it to .rvt or .ifc file type without changing model information. Doing manually is a huge waste of time. I don’t know if this can be automated using dynamo. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Subas_Bhatta,

Here is an automatic workflow :
_Load families in the project
_Insert instances
_Create 3D views for each family
_Export each view in IFC

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Hello @Alban_de_Chasteigner . You are awesome :grinning:. I will try this evening. Thanks again.

If you want support for the IFC exporter to a larger extent than what @Alban_de_Chasteigner show, then try using the Orchid nodes instead. My package includes the most complete set of nodes for IFC export.

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…and here is the example where a default IFC setting is selected. This can be tweaked totally individual by using the nodes in the lower part of the graph.

If the families don’t need to be place nicely, then can the point by coordinate be set to 0,0,0. this is also what need to be tweaked if they must be set nicely…

Create a default empty document, to place the families in, and then run the graph.

AutoIFCexport.dyn (101.3 KB)

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For me the converting of .RVT files seems limited at around 100 models. At this point my Revit memory usage crashes (~4500MB). Is there anyway to deal with this?

(After the run of 100 models the memory still won’t drop.)