Compare excel list to revit list and set value

Hi Everyone, I’m a little stuck.

I have a list of familys that I need to align with a list from Excel.
How do I get the values from the Excel list to write to the parameter of the real family.
From excell
0 - R1 = Family Type: R1, Family: Radiator
1 - 0 = DOM_Height
2 - 0 = DOM_Length
3 - = DOM_Width

Yes, I know that Excel is not really filled in according to dimensions, but it is being worked on at the moment.

Use the Family Name as Indices in combination with the nodes List.IndexOf and List.GetItemAtIndex to get the correct Revit Family according to your Excel List.

Many thanks Daan.
However, I get -1 all the time
Maybe you can help?

You have to get the name of Family Type and then… You are connecting incorrect type. It has to be string.

Okay. But now it finds some who should not be in the list. Example R3 is not in the project

Your logic is not true. Get first elements from excel (R1, R2…etc.) and find their index in Family.Name node. After that GetElementAtIndex and as list get the list of Family Types and indexes you found.

Now it works.
I found a small bug in the excel sheet. That was it.
Thank you for all your help

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