Comparing 2 lists and "extracting the true" values

Here’s the scenario
I have a lists from Excel that contains Sheet Number and several parameters value associated to that sheet.
I’m cross referencing that list with the actual file to retrieve only the Sheets contain in the initial file (and eventually push the values from Excel to those)
The results is a list of list with some list containing 1 \true value. So that’s the sheet i’m after to match in the file.

Hopefully you are still with me :slight_smile:

So for each True i want to push several parameter in the new Sheets

I think this thread might help you.

I don’t see where they are comparing list to then get sublists values, did i miss something?

Do I understand correctly?
You have excel file with sheet number and other parameters. Then you want to find referencing sheets in revit by sheet number parameter and add/fill more values to those sheets?
If not, just ignore :smiley:

Exact… so i wont ignore ahahahah

If I’m reading correctly I think this is what you’re looking for

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That’s a start but i can also do that without a Python Script. What i’m after is matching the values from Excel to the actual Project and then pushing all the parameters value to the appropriate sheet

Read once again thread that I linked - post 4.

sheetNumber.xlsx (7.8 KB)
SHEET_NUMBER.dyn (11.2 KB)
sheet.rvt (308 KB)